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Property Maintenance Operative (L2) Apprenticeship Standard

Property Maintenance Operative (L2) Apprenticeship Standard

Course Information

Level: 2
Start Date: Various
Typical Duration: 2 Year(s)
Attendance: 2 Year(s)
Type: Part Time, Apprenticeship
About the Programme

Apprentice Journey

On-Programme and Qualifications
During the On-Programme delivery of the Property Maintenance Operative standard, the employer and Training Provider will support the apprentice by providing training to develop their Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours. The apprentice will enter the Assessment Gateway when they are competent after the twelve-month minimum period of learning and development and completed the additional mandatory qualifications and assessments below:

On-Programme Activity
Assessment Grade Weight
Portfolio of Evidence to assess Behaviours and competence Pass/fail 20%
Short Research Assignment on the industry and workplace + underpinning Knowledge Pass/distinction/fail 10%
Level 1 English and Maths qualifications during/prior to on-programme as appropriate.

An optional NOCN qualification is available, which can be completed on programme: NOCN Level 2 Diploma in Property Maintenance Operations

Assessment Gateway
The Assessment Gateway is a phase leading to EPA, rather than one prescribed activity. It gives the apprentice time to prepare for their EPA. Before entering the Assessment Gateway phase, the Training Provider and employer will confirm all on-programme requirements using the Record of Achievement have been achieved - as detailed above. The apprentice then proceeds through the Assessment Gateway phase and begin preparations for their EPA.
End Point Assessment
For the Property Maintenance Operative standard, the apprentice is assessed using three assessment methods. The Portfolio of Evidence and Short Research Assignment are completed during the on-programme phase of the apprenticeship. The EPA is synoptic - taking an overall view of the performance of the apprentice in their role. The assessment methods are show in the table below.

Portfolio of Evidence 20% Short Research Assignment 10%
Completed On-Programme Completed On-Programme
Synoptic Knowledge Assessment 20% Synoptic Practical Assessment 40%
• Multiple-choice or structured questions - short answer on generic Knowledge
• 60 questions, lasting 90 minutes and closed book
• Marked by NOCN • Apprentice completes number of core practical activities from bank of tasks in controlled conditions
• Evidence collected via observation, including oral questions to ensure apprentice understands required Skills and Knowledge. Assessed by NOCN.
Grading: Pass, Distinction or Fail Grading: Pass, Distinction or Fail
Synoptic Interview 10%
• Questions apprentice on Behaviours and Skills not covered by the Practical Assessment
• Covers Behaviours identified in the Standard using the Evidence Portfolio as basis for discussion
• The Assessor appointed by NOCN will carry out the interview
Synoptic interview grading: Pass or Fail

The grading for the Property Maintenance Operative apprenticeship is either a Pass or Distinction. A Pass represents the minimum acceptable standard for the industry, Distinction provides the differentiation between an apprentice's skills and abilities within planning, quality of work and time management.
On successful completion, NOCN will issue the EPA results certification and apply to the issuing organisation to produce the final apprenticeship certificate.
Professional Recognition
Once completed, the apprentice will be recognised by the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) providing Affiliate Membership for the apprentice whilst studying and Associate Membership on achievement of the full apprenticeship.


NOCN Level 4 Diploma in Management of Productivity
Technical specialist e.g. plumbing, carpentry
Facilities/Property Management

Entry Requirements

Individual employers will set their selection criteria but the standard includes Maths and English understanding and functional application at Level 1, enabling apprentices to aspire to the next level. Employers will set the entry specification suitable for the correct level of the individual.
Remember, an apprenticeship is a job so the hiring employer may have additional criteria that will have to be met alongside CRC’s entry criteria.

End Point Assessment

The methodology has been designed taking into account that this is a practical standard that is underpinned by technical knowledge that will allow the apprentice to develop the skills and knowledge across different types of activities and premises.
There is a large proportion of formative assessment to ensure apprentices are safe to work and have demonstrated the application of knowledge and the skills in the workplace under working conditions before being able to access the end assessment.
Formative Assessment
It is recommended that the formative assessment comprise of a portfolio of evidence. This is to ensure candidates competence across the various tasks in the workplace required in undertaking the role of a Property Maintenance Operative (the number and type of acceptable evidence will be specified in the formative Assessment Strategy developed by AOs). To ensure assessment is efficient and to minimise any burden upon employers and candidates, the behaviours will be incorporated into the portfolio of evidence. This evidence generated in the workplace will be verified by a qualified assessor to ensure it is valid and sufficient. This will be graded pass/fail.
Apprentices will need to complete a short research assignment that will cover the industry and workplace the apprentice is working in, as well as underpinning knowledge from the Technical Specification. This assignment will be graded pass/distinction/fail.

How to Apply:
Via the website.

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