Pre-University Taster Business

Pre-University Taster Business

Cambridge Campus, VAR
Start Date: VAR
Code: MIID15
Location: Cambridge Campus
Duration: 2-4 Weeks
College Attendance: 2-4 Weeks
Type:Part Time

A short taster programme for international students considering the Access to HE Business course.

About the Course

The course gives an insight into a range of Business-related areas such as marketing, finance and management and into related skills such as people management. Participants will learn basic subject-specific vocabulary and language as well as be introduced to the UK university application process.

Is this Course for you?

For students considering our Access to HE (Business) course which prepares students for university and is also suitable for students who wish to progress to Business Management or related subjects at university and wish to gain a basic understanding of the concepts needed in these disciplines.

What will you study?

Common units

•    Study and life in UK / study skills

•    English – speaking and listening

•    Research skills / note taking

•    Presentation skills

•    Exam techniques (IELTS and Cambridge)

•    Grammar and vocabulary for EAP 

•    Reading skills

•    Academic writing

•    Critical thinking

•    Understanding and discussing the news

Option 1

•    Factors that influence business

•    Statistics

•    International marketing

•    Study skills research

Option 2

•    Accounting 

•    Business plan, start up and growth

•    CSR

•    HE Management

Option 3

•    Motivation and management

•    Marketing

•    Business awareness

•    Economic development


Access to HE Business programme at Cambridge Regional College.

How we support you

You will enjoy the following during your study:

•    A minimum of 20 study hours per week

•    Experienced lecturers and course tutors

•    Excellent resources and teaching facilities

•    General and individual guidance on Higher Education progression

How to Apply

To apply click the apply button above and complete the International application form.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the information is correct, some details may be subject to change. Cambridge Regional College reserves the right to make amendments to the courses, dates, fees or other details, and to make cancellations or changes if numbers are insufficient.

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