Celtic Fiddle Play by Ear - absolute beginners

Celtic Fiddle Play by Ear - absolute beginners

Course Information

Online, 23/09/2021, 18:00
Start Date: 23/09/2021
End Date:28/10/2021
Days: THU
Location: Online
Duration: 6 Weeks
Start Time: 18:00
End Time: 19:30
Code: CXT1CF1AB1
Type: Part Time
Fees: £115
Online, 20/01/2022, 18:00
Start Date: 20/01/2022
End Date:24/02/2022
Days: THU
Location: Online
Duration: 6 Weeks
Start Time: 18:00
End Time: 19:30
Code: CXT1CF1AB2
Type: Part Time
Fees: £115

About the Course

The Absolute Beginners course helps students to familiarise themselves with the violin (fiddle) and its accessories as well as building confidence to putting bow to the strings and play their first Celtic fiddle notes.
Students may know at the start that they aren’t ready to attend a Beginners course, or who start the Beginners and find that it’s too advanced and would like more background.
Students can either pay for an Absolute Beginners course, and progress to the Beginners course upon completion free of charge or enrol on the Beginners course and then choose to complete the Absolute Beginners course first.

Students can join the start of the next available Beginners course when they are ready.

The course includes instructional videos, tunes to apply the techniques, three ‘live’ Q&A sessions, during weeks 2, 4&6 and also reviews and replays. Students can attend in their own time, and Q&A sessions are held live with an instructor and are recorded in case you want to listen again.

Beginners and Intermediate courses are also offered.

Some basic materials will be supplied throughout the course but you may need to purchase further specialist materials.
Materials requirements: Students require their own violin, bow and accessories e.g., shoulder rest, rosin and also a device (phone, tablet or computer) with internet connection.

Why study at Cambridge Regional College?
Cambridge Regional College facilitates a sense of community online, the online classes become a hub for fun and enjoyment.


You could progress onto the Celtic Fiddle Play by Ear Beginners and Intermediate courses at Cambridge Regional College which further build on the skills developed in the Celtic Fiddle Play by Ear Absolute Beginners course.
And if you are interested in starting your own band or even some recording with friends, there is a very handy course called
‘Introduction to Music Audio Recording, Editing, Mixing and Production.

Entry Requirements

This course suits both students who are just starting to play the violin, who feel they might like a refresher on the basics of fiddle playing before progressing to the Beginners course or who start the Beginners course and find that it’s too advanced and would like more background.


Feedback is offered on homework submitted during the course and also during the fortnightly Q&A feedback
sessions. Students will also be invited to submit questions via email and these questions will be answered.
Students, for an additional fee included in our pricing, can sign up for either priority coaching on the group calls, or 1:1 coaching calls for a more personalised experience.
We want you to achieve to the very best of your ability at CRC – If you need any additional support, speak to your tutor for further information how we can help you achieve your goals.

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