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Introduction to Music Editing Software

Cambridge Campus

Course Code:CV9L2MESCS
Start Date:18/09/2019
End Date:27/11/2019
Start Time:18:00
End Time:21:00


Course Overview

This practical hands on programme introduces learners to the Editing, Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Production features of Avid's industry leading audio production software Pro Tools. Learners will experience an introduction to the software and develop their audio engineering skills through practical workshops on recording, Mixing, Mastering and Editing. Learners will learn the fundamentals of digital recording in our fully equipped recording studio where they will use Pro Tools, to run, capture and edit the recording. Learners will explore the mixing and mastering tools included within the software to create a balanced mix and master the product for commercial release. Learners will further explore advanced features such as beat detective and elastic audio to edit, align and time stretch recorded audio.

This course will cover the following topics:
• Creating a session and Pro Tools interface
• Audio recording
• Importing media into your session
• MIDI recording
• Selecting and navigating
• Basic editing techniques
• Basic mixing techniques
• Finishing your work
• Configuring your studio and session
• Managing session data and media files
• Using loop recording and advanced techniques to record MIDI and audio
• Working with timescales and virtual instruments
• Working with Elastic Audio
• Editing and quantising MIDI and audio
• Using audio editing and file management techniques
• Applying editing techniques
• Enabling, playing, viewing and editing automation data
• How to mix using sends, returns, plug-ins, master faders and groups.

Progression & Career Opportunities

Graduates from this programme will be equipped with a strong understanding of the Pro Tools interface and features needed to record, edit, mix and master digital audio to a commercial standard. Learners will develop a broad understanding on digital audio production and of the requirements needed to succeed in the professional freelance audio industry.

Entry Requirements

-Understanding/ Experience of operating Music Production software
-Understanding of Audio Terminology and Theory
- A high level of IT literacy

Learning Assessment & Support

We want you to achieve to the very best of your ability at CRC. To make this happen we offer both learning and personal support by specialist staff tailored to meet your specific needs.

Informal verbal assessment will take place during each session on a one-to-one or group presentation/critique basis.

How to Apply

To apply, please complete a CRC Enrolment Form, which can be downloaded from our website Download here. The Enrolment Form can also be found in the back of our part-time prospectus or contact us via email

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