At CRC, we have some of the best construction facilities in the region. Professionally-qualified and experienced tutors provide you with the knowledge and skills to progress your future within this fast-evolving sector.

New methods, techniques and technology develop rapidly in this industry. We are at the forefront of construction teaching, helped by our unique SmartLife Centres, where you will learn the latest ‘green’ building skills so essential to the future of the industry.

There are many different careers within the construction sector, from architecture and civil and structural engineering to building services, engineering construction and surveying.

The construction industry is booming again and there is great demand for skilled workers in all fields. Explore the different trades and career options by clicking the buttons on the right.

Great reasons to choose Construction at CRC

  • Fantastic facilities including a £3 million construction workshop
  • State-of-the-art SmartLIFE Low Carbon Training Centres
  • Close links with employers for great job opportunities
  • Learn the latest sustainable methods of construction
  • Training by experienced industry specialists


“Studying at CRC helped me gain qualifications to become an electrician. I have now set up my own company and have managed to build up a great reputation throughout Cambridge”

Alistair Ryan, Business Owner

“The biggest advantage for me is that what I learn on the course reflects what I need to know on site as a quantity surveyor”

Beth Wilding - BTEC Level 3 Construction

“It’s a good time to be working in the construction industry and I am very pleased to now do my apprenticeship. I was a full-time student here at CRC for two years and I’d definitely recommend the course”

Ryan Dalton, Painting & Decorating Apprentice

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The Cambridge Campus is open as normal.

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