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Computing Technologies

Do you fancy working at the cutting edge of software and web development?

We offer a range of programmes giving you the skills to use programming languages and develop your creative skills. Desktop or network support engineers need to develop logical, troubleshooting skills as well as having a good knowledge of computer and networking systems.

Underpinning these very specific skills and wider knowledge, you will need a raft of ‘soft skills’ – including communication, organisation and team work – plus a ‘can do attitude’ to progress in the IT industry. Our IT courses will help you enhance all of these skills.

Past students have gone on to study computer science, games development, ICT, infotech management, accounting and finance and computer networks at universities across the country, including Newcastle, Lancaster and Westminster. Many choose to go straight into work in the local IT sector or an apprenticeship to further their qualifications.

In addition to your main qualification in Computing & IT, you will gain other skills within the college’s ‘Passport to Success’. Wider employability skills, English, Maths & IT, personal learning skills and social and community skills are highly valued by employers and will make you a more rounded, employable professional.

Great Reason to choose Computing Technologies at CRC

  • Great work experience opportunities to boost job prospects
  • Emphasis on up-to-date & relevant industry knowledge and employability skills
  • Excellent progression to employment, Apprenticeships or Higher Education
  • Valuable communication & interpersonal skills
  • Cambridge is a thriving hub for the high-tech industry

What you can study at CRC

Entry Entry Level 3 Certificate in Vocational Studies
Level 1 BTEC Certificate/Diploma Vocational Studies (IT Practitioners)
Level 2 BTEC Certificate/Extended Certificate/Diploma in Information & Creative Technology
Intermediate Apprenticeships in IT Application Specialist & IT Professional
Level 3 BTEC Subsidiary Diploma/Diploma/Extended Diploma Computer Science
City & Guilds Diploma in ICT Professional Competence
Advanced Apprenticeship in IT Application Specialist & IT Professional

“I like IT. I did my Level 2 at secondary school and really enjoyed it. The Level 3 course covers a wide range of dierent subjects. I like coding the best and I am looking forward to doing work experience.”

Daragh Brand-Norville - Level 3 Computing

“I hope to move onto an IT Apprenticeship working as an IT professional providing technical support.”

Simon Lanham - Level 3 Computing Science

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