Art Leisure Courses

Get creative and develop artistic and craft skills with one of our part-time art classes. Whatever level you are – beginner to advanced – there is something for you.

These are some of the courses starting this January and April:

Beginners Jewellery-making

Advanced Jewellery-making



We also offer:

Digital Photography

Beginners Jewellery-making
We offer beginners and advanced jewellery-making classes. The 10-weeks beginners’ class will introduce you to the materials, techniques and processes of jewellery making including manipulating metals, setting stones and using mixed media. The advanced class is for those with some experience of making jewellery and manipulating metal.

What’s great about our jewellery-making classes is the specialist tools and equipment we use. Our experienced tutor will guide you through the process to make a beautiful piece of jewellery by the end of the course. Why not make yourself or someone you love a special hand-made gift. If you are getting married next summer, how about joining the class as a couple and making your own wedding bands.

specialist tools for jewellery-making jewellery made by students
specialist tools for jewellery making jewellery made by students

This 10-week class is great for all levels of experience. You could be looking for a hobby or something creative to do after work, a way to relax. You could be an art student looking to develop your portfolio to go onto an art degree. You could be an artist looking to learn a new technique. The class looks at a range of techniques including Mono-print, Lino, Collagraphs, Screen-printing and Relief Print.

You will working in our open-plan workshop, using specialist machinery. You can print on paper and fabric and past students have come away from the class with hand-crafted wall art or hand-made t-shirt or canvas bag. You will be taught by Andy Mckenzie, an experienced tutor and professional printmaker and artist. Read more about Andy here.

this is an etching press lino-press
Etching Press Lino or ‘relief’ Press
screen-printing-bed collagraph-plate
Screenprinting Bed Collagraph Plate

 print-example-2   print-example-1  printmaking student

Pottery Class

Our part-time Pottery class introduces you to traditional and contemporary skills, taught by a practising ceramicist in our spacious and well-equipped studio. If you are a beginner you will enjoy learning the basic techniques; if you have some experience already you will be challenged with new materials, and new making and decorating processes.

If you are a creative person, there’s something so satisfying about leaving the office, getting away from the computer, and coming into an environment where you are encouraged to develop your ideas and create something with your hands.

potter's wheel   dsc09648

We also offer:

Digital Photography

For more information about any of our courses, please contact our Enquiry Team on 01223 226315, or to enrol, please download and complete our Part-time Enrolment Form.

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