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Becoming an Apprentice

Being an apprentice can lead to a great career

An apprenticeship can lead to a great career in an exciting range of industries, from engineering or construction to hairdressing or catering. We offer a wide range of apprenticeship courses within a number of different industries, check out our full range of apprenticeship courses. 

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 Step-by-step guide to becoming an apprentice

1.  Check out our current apprenticeship job vacancies

To start an apprenticeship, you need an apprenticeship job as training in the workplace is a key part of any apprenticeship and this is what makes an apprenticeship different to full-time courses. To secure your ideal apprenticeship job, check out our apprenticeship job vacancies.

We update these at least once per week so make sure you check them out regularly.

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2.  For help in writing your CV and a covering letter

Having an up-to-date CV that is ready to give to employers is a vital part of securing an apprenticeship job role, if you would like help or advice with CV and covering letter writing, contact our apprenticeship team on:

Telephone: 01223 418778


3.  Do your research and be proactive

You don’t have to wait until you see an apprenticeship job advertised, you can be proactive and approach the employer
yourself – you just never know who might be looking to recruit an apprentice and when! 

4.  Job Search

Look thorough job vacancies and see if companies are taking on ‘trainees’ or ‘juniors’. This could be a potential apprenticeship opportunity.

5.  Working?

Do you have a part-time job? Or do voluntary work? Or are you on a work placement? Talk to the employer about the possibility of converting it into an apprenticeship.

6.  Employability Sessions

Ask us about our employability sessions:

  • Access to Employment 
  • CV writing
  • Completing application forms
  • Interview techniques
  • Networking tips
  • Job searching

 Already found an employer? Apply Now!

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Still looking for your ideal employer?

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Have further questions or would like to talk with our team?

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