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Apprenticeship Awards 2020

Cambridge Regional College’s annual Apprenticeship Awards 2020 took place on January 16th ahead of National Apprenticeship Week 2020 to celebrate the success of our apprentices and the regions employers. Our judging panel selected winners from each sector, celebrating their commitment to learning and development through apprenticeships. Our award winners and guests enjoyed an evening of live music from our music students and a fantastic 3-course meal prepared and served by our Catering & Hospitality Students.

Our big winners on the night were apprentice Kirsty Minney and employer Cambridge University Hospitals. Kirsty, a Business, Management and Professionals Apprentice, was chosen as Overall Apprentice of the Year 2020 for her committed approach to work and education whilst working term-time only to support her young family. Our Overall Employer of the Year 2020 went to Cambridge University Hospitals for their excellent success in supporting apprentices and showing patience to help the learners achieve their qualifications.

Congratulations to our Apprentice and Employer of the Year 2020 winners, you can check them out below!

Our Winning Apprentices

Beauty Therapy Apprentice of the Year 2020

Kiera Russell, Imagine Spa

Kiera has a very driven attitude to work and education. She has even attended sessions on her days off to help her achieve.
Kiera has been consistent throughout her Level 2 Beauty Therapy Apprenticeship, always meeting her deadlines as well as her time keeping and planning, always performing to the highest standards. She has never had her eyes off the end goal, and has always been focused on her future achievements. The assessments she completed were always of a high standard which enabled her to be ready for her to attend Level 3 Beauty Therapy for a September start date within one year and one day.


Business, Management & Professional Apprentice of the Year 2020

Kirsty Minney, Cambourne Village College 

Kirsty applied for her Apprenticeship when returning to work after having her children. She has shown outstanding commitment to her apprenticeship completing her pre-apprenticeship Maths and English at level 2. Kirsty then completed her Business Admin and ICT in 13 months, whilst working term-time only and raising her young family.


Catering & Hospitality Apprentice of the Year 2020

Harry Skoulding, The Old Nene Golf Club

Since enrolling onto the hospitality course, Harry has been a true asset to the college and shows promise to become an inspiring manager for the hospitality industry. His attendance, time management, class interaction and contribution have been outstanding. In the workplace he demonstrates a mature, professional approach and is a great team player, adding value to the business. Read his story here


Child Care & Early Years Apprentice of the Year 2020

Faith Moore, Bell Day Nursery

Faith’s employer says that she, “is one of the best apprentices we had the pleasure of supporting”. Faith is planning to complete her Level 3 in one year and one week, by continually keeping on top of all her written tasks set at college, planning in advance for her workplace observations and following up on any actions set within her reviews. Even though Faith is still very young, her knowledge is growing vastly and she is putting this into practice.

Every member of staff that has worked with Faith has said how amazing she is with the children, how she is always willing to help and how she takes everything within her stride.


Construction Apprentice of the Year 2020

Owen Mingay, Coulson Building Group

Owen has shown commitment to his college work with good job write-ups and is always well prepared for observations. He works very competently resulting in him being a great asset to his employer and a credit to those who have trained and mentored him.
He very quickly took to independent working, showing maturity and experience well beyond his years. He is now taking the lead with other less experienced electricians, often helping and giving guidance to his peers.


Digital Marketing Apprentice of the Year 2020

Hannah Westhead, web2market

Hannah has expanded her knowledge and skills to not only further herself but also adapt to the ever-changing environment of digital marketing. She has continued to excel at completing actions and tasks set for her by her employer and assessor. In addition, her excellent attention to detail has raised the quality provided by her fellow classmates.
She has exceeded the expectations of the company and pushed herself beyond what has been asked. This has been noticed within the company and Hannah has already been promoted, now taking on even more responsibility. Read her story here


Engineering Apprentice of the Year 2020

Alexander Russell, TWI

Alex has shown excellent commitment to his Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship over the last two years, which he is undertaking following successful completion of a Level 3 Framework. In this time, he has managed to overcome many challenges faced both in the workplace and within college. Alex displays convincing passion for his sector of engineering and this is abundantly clear. He has also provided peer support to other apprentices within TWI where he is considered a valued employee, reflected by a recent early promotion to Team Leader. Alex has completed both HNC and HND in Mechanical Engineering and is now studying a degree in Engineering.


Hairdressing Apprentice of the year 2020

Kira Cookson-Swan, Anderson’s Hair

Kira strives to improve her skills and happily engages with challenging exercises, pushing some of her boundaries to fulfil her potential. Her employer supported her to run a column and help her progress, building on her ever-rapidly growing skills and knowledge.
She has travelled an enormous way to get to where she is now, initially struggling with her confidence. Kira’s journey proves that if a learner wants to do something, no matter what their struggles, if they show dedication, commitment, and resilience, they will achieve.



Health & Social Care Apprentice of the Year 2020

Gemma Sessions, So Dental

Gemma has demonstrated excellent commitment and determination to complete her apprenticeship programme despite having setbacks.
She is a key team player and is much loved by all her patients. She is always positive, enthusiastic, incredibly hard working and dedicated to her job, regularly exceeding all expectations.
Her Awarding Body External Verifier commented that in the years she has been a verifier she, “has never come across a Trainee Dental Nurse with such excellent subject knowledge”, than Gemma shows. Read her story here


IT & Computing Apprentice of the Year 2020

Noemi Civitarese, St. Catharine’s College

Noemi has had to complete all functional skills as well as her Level 2 apprenticeship. Despite English not being her first language, Noemi has never let the language barrier prevent her from excelling in every part of her apprenticeship. Her commitment and attitude to her studies have been exemplary. She is a credit to St Catherine’s College and CRC.
Noemi had a busy time with her apprenticeship, having to complete all functional skills as well as the apprenticeship, requiring an immense level of focus, determination and dedication. Read her story here



Warehousing & Logistics Apprentice of the Year 2020

Michael Northfield, Camlab Ltd

Passing the End-Point Assessment with a distinction showed commitment to course work, as he managed his time between college and work even when the company had staff shortages. Michael showed he can take on extra responsibility and leadership, whilst learning all aspects of the job.
Michael has worked hard in his own time to achieve success and has maintained high levels of quality. Read his story here



Our Winning Employers


Beauty Therapy Employer of the Year 2020

Clarity Health & Beauty

This employer has shown so much commitment to the training of their apprentices, allowing them time to develop skills in all treatment areas. Lorraine has taken time out to help and support these learners, and she invests time and money to provide enrichment courses to add to their NVQs. Some of these extra courses are for very high-end products and treatments, providing apprentices with excellent opportunities.


Cambridge University Hospitals

Cambridge University Hospitals

Both apprentices have been treated as part of the team and have both been praised for the work they do as well as being encouraged and coached when they say they ‘can’t do’ a particular task.
Both students have had challenging times during their apprenticeships and Emma, a key member in training the
apprentices, has shown commitment and patience to help these learners achieve their qualifications. This employer is fully supportive of its apprentices and ensures that they are given every opportunity to grow in the department. Read their story here


Catering Employer of the Year 2020


Cambscuisine pride themselves on developing and supporting its workforce. They have continuously supported Cambridge Regional College and are developing their team through a number of Catering and Hospitality Apprenticeships. Cambscuisine invest in all their staff and are always looking for ways to develop and raise them to the next level. They are great ambassadors for the industry, innovating concepts in each of their establishments, which the workforce have supported, driving the success of the business. Read their story here



Child Care & Early Years Employer of the Year 2020

Bell Day Nursery

This employer is an active ambassador for the profession, supporting students from across the College on apprenticeships, work
placements and foundation degrees.
They have always been keen to support their apprentices by fully supporting their 20% off-the-job training, giving them the same access to additional industry-based training as their full-time staff and by creating in-house training to supplement the knowledge gained at college. They actively promote the opportunity for their apprentices to progress onto the next level of learning, and have a history of offering full-time contracts upon completion. Read their story here


Construction Employer of the Year 2020

Sotham Engineering Services

Manager, Jon, has been very supportive of CRC and his apprentices, motivating them to meet targets.
The apprentices get a good variety of installation work, learning all the skills they need within their trade. Sotham Engineering is well respected locally and recognise their apprentices for their achievements with annual pay rises in line with their success at college. All their apprentices become fully-qualified electricians and almost, without exception, stay with Sotham’s.


Digital Marketing Employer of the Year 2020


This employer consistently provides support and opportunities for their apprentice, ensuring they include and develop them as a key member of the team. Web2market have recently promoted their apprentice to handle more responsibility, ensuring that they are valued as an employee and as an individual.



Hairdressing Employer of the Year 2020

Anderson’s Hair

Owner, Steve, has had numerous apprentices over the years. He commits himself 100% to every learner, treating each one as an individual. Where learners have worked hard, he has given them extra bonuses and incentives, sending them on additional training experiences to enhance their careers as reputable stylists. Thereby giving them ownership and value over building their own columns. He is a very active employer who recently attended CRC to give some enhanced colouring training to a class to enrich their learning.


Health & Social Care Employer of the Year 2020

Caring Together

This employer arranges mentoring opportunities to broaden their apprentice’s working knowledge of the charity and the range of progression opportunities available to them.
Caring Together is fully involved with their apprentices, investing in their development to retain and progress them within the
organisation. One of their apprentices has received additional responsibilities within their role to build confidence. This will
hopefully lead to promotion opportunities in the future, helping them progress onto a care management position. Read their story here


Hospitality Employer Year 2020

The employer has continually provided pastoral and professional care in support of their apprentices. They ensured they had sufficient time and resources to prepare and undertake end-point assessment and NVQ requirements. ICE has positively communicated with CRC and has been an active supporter of the College with various events throughout the year, such as, the Apprenticeship Takeover Dinner.



IT & Computing Employer of the Year 2020

ESPI Limited 

Michelle and Kate from ESPI have always been committed to supporting their learners at every stage of their apprenticeship. Their keenness to help in areas where the apprentices need additional support has been so helpful. They are the perfect example of how employers should work in conjunction with the team at CRC, providing ideas and feedback to help us progress.



Warehousing & Logistics Employer of the Year 2020

Camlab Ltd

Camlab offer extra support to their apprentices by providing training and mentorship, helping them to achieve. Apprentices are given time away to complete course work and are given help when needed with the manager’s door always open for guidance.
They demonstrate that their apprentices are integral team members by offering wages above the national minimum and actively look to promote apprentices upon completion.

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