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Alumni – Get Involved

We hope you will play an active part in the Alumni Association by sharing your valuable career experiences with our current students and fellow alumni.

No matter how big or small a way you wish to get involved, any participation from former students is invaluable. Our alumni association is all about building lasting connections, enriching education and giving something back to our former students. With opportunities to help your career, recruit employees and enjoy a range of great discounts as well, we’ll do all we can to help you.

Provide a Work Experience Opportunity

What better way to understand working life than getting real, hands on experience? It’s not only invaluable experience for the students, but current employees can gain management experience by supervising the placement. And you’ll get a helping hand around the workplace for free. Please contact us if you feel you can provide a work experience opportunity – we’d love to hear from you.

Find Out About Hiring an Apprentice

Apprenticeships are great for business! They provide on-the-job training and qualifications that develop the skills and knowledge of your employees, both existing and new. Small businesses can now receive a grant of £1,500 to take on an apprentice, not to mention an enthusiastic worker who will be willing to learn and develop with the company. If you want to help a young person take the first step in their career, we can help you find the right apprentice for your business – at no cost to you. Please contact our Apprenticeship Team on 01223 418778 or email us.

Speak to Students

Hearing about the success of someone who was once in their exact position can really help inspire students and shows them the opportunities available to them after their time at college. We want you to help inspire current students by sharing your story with them. Please contact us.

Provide a Testimonial

We’re always on the look out for former students’ stories about the experiences they’ve had after their time with us. Click the link below to complete our short interview. Get your story published on the website to be shared with all of your fellow alumni from the college.


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