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Upcoming courses:

  • Traineeships – 6 March – Cambridge
  • Traineeship Forklift Driving – 30 March

Contact Christine on 07989 227 515 or Ash 01480 379 197 to apply.

Who is the course for?

Traineeships is aimed to help unemployed young people aged between 16-24 to develop the skills they need to find, stay and progress into work, education and/ or an apprenticeship.

Give one of our team a call! Contact Christine on 07989 227 515  or Ash 01480 379 197  Email us at trainingtalent@camre.ac.uk

What does the course include?

The Traineeship Programme takes place over a 10 week period. It is made up of pre-enrolment careers information, advice and guidance (CIAG), a pre-employment training programme of 4 weeks in the classroom (PET), support with maths and English including a functional skills exam for a further 5 days,  work experience for a minimum of 150 hours and, if required, post-placement support to secure a positive outcome – a job, an apprenticeship or further study.

  • Start time 9am until 4:30 Monday to Friday
  • 4 weeks classroom based (3 qualifications)
  • L1 Business admin
  • L1 Customer service – C&G
  • Employability- Including CV, Coverings, Appling for Jobs, Applications & Interviews
  • Functional Skills maths & English:- If Maths and English is already achieved, learners will be ensuring they are up to date on work and competent to carry out assessment
  • 5-6 Weeks of work experience
  • Bespoke work experience in the industry of the learners choice (within reason)

What is covered in the course?

Business admin & customer service

  • Maintain customer relations
  • Dealing with customer queries, requests and problems
  • Understand how to use and maintain office equipment safely
  • Basic office management
  • Know how to make and receive telephone calls
  • Know how to store and retrieve information
  • Understand individual rights and responsibilities
  • Know how to work as part of a team
  • Know how to behave professionally.
  • Effective communication skills
  • Creating work related documents

Want more information?
Give one of our team a call! Contact Christine on 07989 227 515 or Ash 01480 379 197
Or email us at trainingtalent@camre.ac.uk

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