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Cambridge Regional College has a small Finance Procurement Team which provides guidance and support to the College in relation to all procurement matters. This also includes managing all tender activities, issuing of purchase orders to suppliers, creating procurement strategies and working with suppliers to deliver value for money and added value for the benefit of learners. The team is managed by Noel Cassidy, Procurement Manager.

Preferred Supplier to Cambridge Regional College

Cambridge Regional College has a preferred supplier list created by tendering its requirements for goods and services for a set period of time. All other purchases must conform to the College Financial Regulations which indicate how many quotations need to be obtained depending on the value.

The preferred supplier list must not be confused with the preferred partner register which is used specifically to invite suppliers on the register to tender for delivering qualifications/programmes on behalf of the College.

Orders are checked by the Finance Procurement Team before being forwarded to a supplier via e-mail.  Goods services must not be supplied to the College without a valid College purchase order received in advance otherwise payment will not be made.

All suppliers to Cambridge Regional College are required to comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 if legally required to do so.  Suppliers who are not legally required to comply are expected to observe the spirit of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Unless agreed in advance by the College in writing, Cambridge Regional College standard terms and conditions for the supply of goods and services (copy included on the procurement web page) shall apply to all purchases of goods/services made by the college.     Suppliers who process College staff and student personal information are also expected to comply with General Data protection Regulations and may need to sign Annex A, data sharing and processing agreement (copy included within the standard terms and conditions).

All potential suppliers to Cambridge Regional College need to be aware that the College operates a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and makes it a condition of contract that its suppliers shall comply with all applicable laws, statues, regulations to anti-bribery and anti-corruption including but not limited to the Bribery Act 2010.

Advertising Tender Opportunities

In addition to its own Financial Regulations, the College has to comply with Public Sector Procurement Regulations, the purpose of which is to encourage fair and transparent competition which is delivered via competitive tendering. The Public Contract Regulations 2015 tender thresholds from the 1st January 2020 for Services, Supplies and Works tenders is as follows:


The College conducts the majority of its tenders using the In-tend electronic tendering software although some may be advertised via other means.

To access current Cambridge Regional College tender opportunities click on the link below and follow the instructions on the In-tend website. You will need to register/log in before you can express interest in tender opportunities and view the tender documents however you do not need to register/log in to view the description of the tender.  Please note only tenders actually issued will be available to view.  Further Competitions using a Consortium framework agreement are normally conducted via in-tend although on occasion we may use a Consortium website for this purpose, however only suppliers on the framework agreement will be able to view documents and participate.

To Register or view tenders on In-tend Click Here

Cambridge Regional College does not accept expressions of interest in advance of tenders being advertised, however we are happy to accept letters of introduction via e-mail to keep on file.

Cambridge Regional College uses two main methods to purchase goods and services.

  • Official Purchase Orders
  • College Mastercard Purchasing Cards (also known as Government Procurement Cards).

Suppliers must not accept an order from Cambridge Regional College unless they receive a valid official purchase order number which must be quoted on invoices or if the goods or services have been paid using a College Purchasing Card. No automatic rollover of agreements are accepted unless agreed in advance in writing and is signed by an authorised person on behalf of the College and is backed up by a College official purchase order or in the case of College Mastercard Purchasing Cards a signed agreement by an authorised College staff member. If in doubt please contact the College Procurement Manager.

Register of Preferred Partners – Window for New Applicants

Cambridge Regional College invites suppliers to apply to join its register of Preferred Partners to deliver qualifications and/or programmes eligible for funding on behalf of the College during each contract year .  This relates to Adult Education Budget (Classroom Delivery) and not Apprenticeships.

The window for applications to join the College Preferred Partner Register (PPR) will be opened as and when required by the College and will be advertised via the College In-tend Procurement Portal.  Cambridge Regional College reserves the right to decide whether to re-open the register of Preferred Partners (Phase 1) for new applicants.

To become a Preferred Partner to Cambridge Regional College there are two phases to the process:

Phase 1 – Partner Selection Questionnaire: This questionnaire needs to be fully completed to support your application for inclusion on the College Preferred Partner Register.  A financial health check will also be carried out.  If you pass this stage then you will be officially on the College Preferred Partner Register.  The instructions which accompany the questionnaire provides details on conditions for remaining on the register.

Phase 2 – Tender Submission Document: Only those on the Preferred Partner Register will be invited to submit a tender for a specific requirement or lot. Normally invitations to tender (ITT) are issued once per annum however more than one may be issued during the year if required by the College.

Suppliers who are successful with their application to join the College register are not guaranteed that they will be awarded a contract however as stated above they will be given the opportunity to tender as and when sub-contracting training opportunities arise.   Please note only suppliers on the College register at the time of the tender will be invited to participate.  Existing suppliers on the Preferred Partner Register will need to re-qualify on an annual basis to remain listed on the register.

Cambridge Regional College is based on the outskirts of Cambridge and operates from two Campuses.  The College provides a wide range of education and training including full-time, part-time, Adult Responsive and Employer Responsive provision (including Apprenticeships).  Our successful partners deliver full qualifications at a variety of levels, including, Diplomas, Certificates, Awards and Skills for Life qualifications.  Collaborative partnering agreements are set up following Contract award with the aim of maximising the quality, range and geographical coverage of the College’s Adult Skills Budget Responsive provision.

Please note the preferred partner register is not to be confused with the College preferred supplier list.

Use of Central Purchasing Bodies

Cambridge Regional College also uses framework agreements set up by Central Purchasing Bodies/Consortiums such as Government Procurement Service, ESPO and Crescent Purchasing Consortium.

Framework agreements are tendered by the Central Purchasing Body and can be called off by Public Sector Organisations including Colleges such as Cambridge Regional College. Depending on the specific framework agreement and value, the College would normally conduct a Further Competition between multiple suppliers on the framework.

Whilst the College will decide which framework agreement (if any) best meets our requirements, agreements set up by the Crescent Purchasing Consortium are mainly used.

For more information on the becoming a supplier to the Crescent Purchasing Consortium please click here

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