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AAT Courses

Gaining AAT accountancy qualifications can open the door to exciting careers in the world of business and finance.

With an AAT qualification, there are jobs at every level and plenty of opportunities to progress into well-rewarded positions in all types of companies including high profile roles in corporate organisations spanning a wide range of industries – and in what is currently one of the fastest growing professional sectors in the UK. They provide an insight into the principles and processes of key accounting tasks, like maintaining cost accounting records and the preparation of reports and returns.

AAT approved training provider

Whatever level you are starting at, you’ll learn all the important basics about accounting, including double-entry book-keeping, balancing off ledger accounts, preparing a trial balance, and how to code and present financial information using dedicated accounting software to help you produce the main accounting documents used in business. You’ll learn about costing and taxation, professional ethics and how to communicate the impact of financial performance on the business bottom line.

Qualifications include those accredited by the AAT, the professional body for accounting technicians. 

The AAT courses we offer from Sept 2020 are outlined below. The links are to further information about the course for 2019/20 and will be updated when 2020/21 course information is released.

Campus Course Code Qualification Title Start Finish Day Times Fees Subsidised Fee
Huntingdon CH004CD1 Advanced Diploma in Accounting Sep-2020 Jul-2021 Monday 10am –
4 pm
£2,215 £35
Huntingdon CH004AE1 Level 2 AAT Certificate in Bookkeeping Sep-2020 Mar-2021 Monday 6.30pm – 8.30pm £450 £35
Huntingdon CH004BE1 Level 2 Award in Accounting Software Apr-2021 Jun-2021 Monday 6.30pm – 8.30pm £200 £35
Huntingdon CH004ED1 Level 4 AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting Sep-2020 Mar-2022 Wednesday 10am –
4 pm
£2,215 £35
Cambridge CH004AE2 Level 2 AAT Certificate in Bookkeeping Jan-2021 Jun-2021 Thursday 6pm-8pm £450 £35
Huntingdon CH004AD1 Level 2 AAT Certificate in Bookkeeping Sep-2020 Mar-2021 Friday 10am – 12noon £450 £35
Huntingdon CH004FD1 Level 2 Award in Accounting Software Apr-2021 Jun-2021 Friday 10am – 12noon £200 £35

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