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Business student is described as a beacon of inspiration as she secures a BTEC Bronze Award

Olivia Bail completed her secondary education at Hinchingbrooke School and upon securing her GCSEs, and a passion for Business Studies, she opted to continue her further education at Cambridge Regional College, Huntingdon Campus where she could focus fully on her love of business.

In September 2019, Olivia began a BTEC Foundation Diploma in Business. As part of her studies Olivia was required to complete a work placement and with the help of her tutors and industry placement coordinator, she started working with local housing association, Chorus Homes.

Olivia was keen to learn more about communications and Chorus Homes fully supported her with this interest, placing her alongside the Communications Manager who encouraged Olivia to get involved with all aspects of customers service, PR and Communications. When first starting in her work placement, Olivia wasn’t sure which area of business she wanted to focus on but the work-based experience has cemented her goal to pursue a career in PR and Communications.

In March 2020, Olivia learned that she was to be nominated for a BTEC Award, an opportunity that was exciting and filled Olivia with pride at receiving recognition for her hard work, something that she describes as a personal desire to achieve the very best that she can.

Olivia was nominated for the award by Business Lecturer, Megan Miller, who describes her reasons for the nomination, ‘Olivia is an outstanding learner who really exhibits all of the college values. I have been fortunate to teach Olivia since December and during that time she has made such a fabulous impact, noticeable both within the classroom and in her personal development. Olivia has truly flourished while engaging in her BTEC programme and it has become evident that she is destined for a lucrative career, in which she will be an asset to any organisation.’

‘I nominated Olivia due to her aspiration to achieve the best from herself, and encourage the same from her peers. I found her presence inspired the other learners within her classroom setting and her dedication to extra-curricular activities infectious.’

A recent example Olivia’s hard-work, is her contribution on National Women’s day to lead a debate to determine the most inspirational woman from history. During this debate Olivia demonstrated excellence that was noticed by other staff members who personally recommended that she apply to lead the Student Council in the upcoming elections. It is through short interactions such as these that Olivia’s potential and passion towards learning truly shines.

Course tutor, Elaine Groombridge added, ‘Olivia has done brilliantly this year. This is Olivia’s first year at Huntingdon College and she has undertaken a fantastic industrial placement at Chorus Homes where she has developed in confidence and academia, in leaps and bounds. Olivia is achieving her true potential.’

Yesterday, Olivia heard the news that she had won a BTEC Bronze Award in the business category and her reaction was one of surprise, excitement and pride at her achievement. Unfortunately, given the current national emergency, the Award Ceremony will not take place in the same way as in previous years, however there will be an online celebration for all awardees and Olivia has promised to keep us updated on receiving her award.When considering what advice she would give to anyone considering CRC as a place to study, Olivia said, ‘I would say to anyone who is questioning themselves or their ability to be great, my message is to not let fear stop you from doing the thing that you love. Sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation or a sense of direction but there is always help, guidance and opportunities to help young people find the right path and to try a range of new things. College is a great springboard in helping you to make those first steps, meeting new people and trying new things. By putting yourself out of your comfort zone and working hard you can achieve greatness because having faith and confidence in yourself makes anything possible.’

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