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Cambridgeshire Student Forum

In February 2020, Student representatives from five Cambridgeshire schools, Hills Road 6th Form College, Sancton Wood School, North Cambridge Academy, Swavesey Village College and Cambridge Regional College, came together for the latest student forum summit.

The summit is a half-day event that enables members of the student forum to work as an action group to address agreed priorities, informed by the needs of each individual school. Collectively, the student forum has agreed to work on bullying, mental health and the environment.

During the summit, the students were challenged on their priorities to develop their critical thinking and presentation skills and to provide the opportunity for members to express their ideas and inform change.

In addition to time working on their action group initiatives, the students also participated in a variety of tasks designed to develop their communication strategy and presentation and listening skills.

The student forum will meet again in May 2020, where they will continue with their projects to address areas for change within their respective schools.

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