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Moonwalking is part of an educational trip for our Engineering Students!

Engineering students hvae enjoyed the trip of a lifetime to America, which included a simulated gravity-free moonwalk during a visit to NASA.

The trip was for higher apprentices who are in full time study programmes in Engineering at Cambridge Regional College.

Organised as a youth educational programme, learners enjoyed a behind-the-scenes tour of Universal Orlando, followed by a trip to NASA and the Apollo Saturn V Centre.

Cambridge Regional College Head of Science, Helen West, said: “The students took part in a program looking at six degrees of freedom to relate it to the ride when they went on it!

“They then enjoyed three hours of astronaut training experience where they took part in a microgravity simulator. This mimics the freedom of movement whilst doing a spacewalk.

“Next came a land and drive on Mars simulator, followed by a mission where some students acted as ground control while others were in a simulated shuttle.”

The NASA visit included a talk from former astronaut, Fred Gregory, followed by a trip to the Apollo Saturn V centre where students learnt about the history behind the Apollo missions.



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