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A Levels and beyond. Move on in a way that suits YOU

Waiting for A-Level and grades can be a daunting time, so to help make it less scary, ensure you are fully prepared for every eventuality.

Results day this year for ALevels is August 15 and for many it will be the decider of whether students head to a first-choice destination, be that university, an apprenticeship or a job.

Many BTEC students already have their results and will have confirmed places at university or their chosen next step.

Results Day may be a day to re-consider university offers or even course options, so rather than leave it to the day, look in advance at where and what subject you would be happy to study.


Results Day could be a time when you decide university is not for you and instead, you would rather study higher education at college locally or find an apprenticeship and start your career whilst gaining qualifications.

We can help you find your route to Higher Education in the following subjects: Business, Education, Public Services, Policing, Sport, Early Years, Construction, Architectural Technology, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or General Engineering.


Don’t forget you can achieve degree level qualifications through apprenticeships too. Find the right role and employer for you and you can work up from Level 2 upwards.


For some, Results Day could be a time when you decide to take a year out to work or travel, so you can come back to education refreshed and ready to go again.


Whatever your choices we are here with friendly Advice Cafes to help you plan your future.

Our fully trained professional Careers Advisors can help find courses that suit you and your aspirations.

Our A-level Advice Café is open 15 August in our Hub and you can drop in to our cafes running from August 22 to September 4 from 9.30am. These and are designed to help guide you through the maze of planning your career.

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If you cannot attend, we have an online Career Coach where you can choose to answer either six, 30 or 60 questions to find the best jobs to suit your skills and personality. Have a go here:

If you don’t get your predicted results, the most important thing is to stay calm and focused so that you can move on in the best way that suits YOU.


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