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Long service staff member says the best part of her job is being among people who are passionate about education

A data administrator with Cambridge Regional College has been presented with a long service award after working with the college for 20 years.

Loraine Davies, who has worked in every department over two decades, says having experience in every office means she can fit college life together like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Loraine, who is also a college union rep, said: “The great thing about having worked in every department means I know how the college works.

“The best part of being at CRC is definitely the people. They make it. Everyone is passionate about the students and that’s what I like the most.”

Michelle Dowse, Deputy Principal, presented Lorraine with a certificate and vouchers and thanked her for her commitment to college life.

Michelle said: “Loraine’s expertise in college is a real asset. Her commitment to CRC and long service is amazing.”

Since joining, Loraine has seen the addition of the art department in F block, motor vehicle in G block, the construction and renewable energy centre in H block, and the Park in J block.

“It’s a much bigger site since the 1990s. The facilities here are amazing,” Loraine said.

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