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Cushioning the fall for people having a hard time. Podcast on our Mental Health Charter

The importance of looking after our mental health is discussed in this podcast.

Emily Bennett, Director of Student Support Services at CRC, joins the Podcast host in the studio to talk about why we became one of the first colleges in the UK to sign a Mental Health Charter.

She also talks about steps the college is taking to combat the stigma of mental health.

Podcast host Katie Ridley said: “Whatever your reason is for feeling lost and confused in this fast paced society – we often ask what the next steps forward are for us.

“Whether or not you are having a bad day, you are stuck in a rut or just want half an hour of distraction, we aim to help you along the way.”

Katie adds: “During this podcast I chat to people who have extraordinary stories to share and how they have overcome their biggest struggles in life. Not only that, but I also chat to experts who are trying to cushion the fall for people who may be having a tough time.”

CRC is committed to challenging mental health stigma and providing targeted individual mental health support.

Emily chats about what the college is doing to help people, and how to spot signs of mental health, especially in younger people. Listen in here: https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/what-next/emily-bennett-i_UNxdWkpBD/

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