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Colombian teachers praise our International Summer School

Two teachers from the Vermont School in Medellin, Colombia, have praised the international summer school at Cambridge Regional School for giving their students amazing progression skills in English language.

Rafael Araque and Fransua Villegas have spent the last month at the college with 15 of their students, who spend the day in class and their evenings and weekend with their host families on a wide range of organised activities.

Rafael and Fransua say CRC has not only given their young learners a turbo boost in English, but the experience has also grown their confidence.

Fransua Villeges and Rafael Araque

Group leader Rafael, who has been bringing students from Colombia to CRC for the last seven years, said: “We see these kids progress so much from the first week. After a month their English and fluency has improved a lot.

“We have so much to thank CRC for, it helps our students achieve their goals. I would highly recommend any international school to travel here for the summer school, it has great benefits.”

Fransua added: “We come from quite a small school so our students arrive in Cambridge shy but by the end they are like different people!

“The challenge to their confidence and to their English is incredible.

“Cambridge is a great place to learn and to experience a different culture.”

The group, from Vermont School in Colombia, comprise the two teachers with 15 students aged from 14 to 16 years old.
They return to the equivalent of Sixth Form when they begin their studies again in late August.

Rafael said: “Living with host families means the students practice their English every day and during sight-seeing trips, where they soak up the culture and speak English in real life situations.

“We are extremely grateful to CRC for this experience. We keep coming back because it is so successful.”

CRC summer school has raised the game for the Colombian students who have moved from learning English on the PET course to now gaining an IELTS, a higher level internationally recognised qualification.

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