Frequently Asked Questions

CRC Student Device Scheme


What happens when I order?

The ordering portal will be opened for a period of time, for Phase 2 until the 24th October 2014.

When you place your order you will be sent a confirmation email for the item ordered and payment method confirmed.

Your order will be checked for eligibility once the portal is closed on the 24th October and should you be eligible we will place your order.

We will then confirm your order and a delivery date for you to collect your device.

Collection of your device will be done at the college and you will require your Student ID and a form of Photo ID when collecting your device.

When will you take payment?

This depends on how you chose to pay for your device but payment will only be taken once your device is collected.

For outright payment orders we will collect payment from the nominated card 72 hours after you have collected your device.

For monthly payment orders the first payment will be the month after you have collected your device. The first payment will consist of your deposit amount + your first monthly contribution (i.e. if your monthly payment is £30 and your deposit if £40 we will take a payment of £70 on the first month followed by 7 payments of £30).

Should you require to change payment details you will need to contact us as soon as possible via or 01992 662 846.

What should I do if I want to cancel my order?

Orders can be cancelled up to the point when the portal closes, cancellations will not be accepted after this date (24th October 2014).

To cancel please contact us via or 01992 662 846.

When will my device be delivered?

Deliveries will happen promptly after the portal has closed. Please allow some time for us to run eligibility checks and for monthly contribution orders the extra paperwork required.

Sometimes there may be delays with stock availability also but we will communicate this to you as soon as we are aware of this.

We will contact you with a date, time and room where you can collect your device when it’s ready.

What warranty do I get with my device?

All devices will come with a standard 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. For any warranty issues you will be required to contact the manufacturer direct, contact details can be found below:

– Apple: or 0800 048 0408

– Samsung: or 01932 454 358

– Toshiba:

– HP:

I have bought a bundle tell me more about the insurance?

For students who have bought bundles you will have 1 year of Accidental Damage and Theft Insurance included.

This insurance is designed to protect your device and ensure you have a working device for your educational needs.

Full terms and conditions for your insurance policy can be found via:

Key features include:

– Cover for Theft, Accidental Damage and Theft, Fire and Flood

– No Excess to pay in the event of a claim

– Worldwide Cover, anywhere 365 days per year

– Insured at home, at work and at college

I have found a device cheaper on Amazon why is this?

Please be aware you will be able to find items such as iPads cheaper online on websites such as Amazon.

When purchasing on Amazon you can purchase direct or via a Market Place reseller, these resellers are not monitored and can offer “grey imports” for sale in the UK. This means you will purchase a device online which was made for use in another country and hence will be provided with the wrong power adapter and you may not get full support should you have an issue with that device.

All students have a choice and can purchase a device where they want but please be aware that devices should be purchased via the correct avenues, ensure the person/company you are purchasing your device from is an Authorised Reseller/Partner for the device you’re purchasing.

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