Employers’ Charter

Employers’ Charter

Cambridge Regional College has an excellent reputation for working successfully with local, regional and national organisations, designing and implementing training programmes for the workplace, based on operational business priorities and business outcomes.

Our Aims:

  • To contribute to the development of successful business outcomes within the local, regional and national economy by:
  • Providing flexible training solutions designed to meet the needs of your organisation;
  • Accurately assessing your organisation’s training needs;
  • Delivering training and development using highly trained staff with high quality resources and facilities.

These training programmes are aimed at improving the competency and skills of your workforce and may be funded through Apprenticeships, Advanced Apprenticeships or Workplace Learning.

What you can expect from us prior to the training programme:

  • An advisory meeting to discuss your desirable business outcomes and training needed to achieve these;
  • Accurate information on the most appropriate training;
  • Fees will be clearly set out and agreed by you prior to the commencement of training;
  • We will provide accurate and timely information on our courses, training programmes and qualifications including: flexible delivery options taking into account your business priorities, course entry requirements, a timetable of delivery and reviews, and support services offered including any opportunities for you to access funding or reduce the cost of your training;
  • Access to additional support for employees with disabilities or learning needs;
  • Information, advice and guidance for each employee prior to training;
  • A comprehensive induction to the learning programmes.

A health and safety check will be completed to ascertain whether any support is required to ensure you meet the necessary legislative requirements. We will check and monitor that your employee is in a safe and healthy learning environment. Our staff are competent and qualified to conduct this check.

What you can expect during the training programme:

  • Highly competent and professional delivery teams with vocational expertise;
  • A welcoming learning environment;
  • A commitment to equality and diversity;
  • A safe learning environment, including accident investigation with training on health and safety issues where relevant which safeguards and promotes the safety and welfare of children, young people and those adults deemed ‘vulnerable’;
  • High quality training taking account of individual abilities with prompt feedback;
  • We will gather and act on your feedback to improve what we do and we will hold your information in accordance with current data protection laws;
  • Three way learner progress reviews carried out at regular intervals;
  • Well-managed training that meets the agreed outcomes.

What you can expect after the training programme:

  • Opportunities for employees to review and evaluate their learning;
  • Suggestions of relevant progression opportunities;
  • Evaluation of the benefits of training to your organisation.

In return, we expect a commitment from the employer to:

  • Provide us with as much information as possible regarding your training requirements and expectations;
  • Enter into communication which supports your employees’ learning experience;
  • Equality and diversity;
  • Encourage employees to inform us about any disabilities or learning needs;
  • Allow sufficient time at your place of work for employees to complete the enrolment process including literacy and numeracy assessments and support your employees throughout the duration of their training programme, including during examination or assessment periods;
  • Provide opportunities for assessment in the workplace as appropriate;
  • Let us know as soon as possible if your operational requirements change and this prevents you from releasing your employees for agreed training;
  • Encourage employees to complete work and attend all sessions punctually and treat staff with respect;
  • Give us feedback on the service you receive;
  • Pay all invoices in accordance with our financial terms and conditions.

We would like your employee to:

  • Make a positive commitment to their training and the achievement of their learning programme;
  • Attend punctually and inform the tutor or assessor if they are unable to attend college / classes or need to cancel an assessment and tell us of any concerns they have which may affect their learning in order that we can offer appropriate support;
  • Complete and submit work and assignments within agreed timescales;
  • Participate in the evaluation of the learning that they have undertaken.

Compliments, comments and complaints:

We are keen to receive feedback from you about the service we provide. We would like you to feel free to pass any compliments and comments through your dedicated staff contact. Likewise, if you feel the need to complain about our service then please, in the first instance, speak to your staff contact. If we fail to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction the College has a formal complaints procedure.

Please address compliments, comments and complaints to:

Stephen Stackhouse,
Quality Manager,
Cambridge Regional College,
Kings Hedges Road,
CB4 2QT.

We look forward to working with you.

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