Summary Code of Conduct

A Governor of Cambridge Regional College agrees to:

  • Support the aims and objectives of the College and promote the interests of the College and its students in the wider community
  • Work co-operatively with other governors in the best interests of the College
  • Acknowledge that differences of opinion may arise in discussion of issues but when a majority decision of the governing body prevails, it should be supported
  • Base his or her view on matters before the governing body on an honest assessment of the available facts, unbiased by partisan or representative views
  • Acknowledge that, as an individual governor, he or she has no legal authority outside the meetings of the governing body and its committees
  • Understand that an individual governor does not have the right, other than through the Chair and with the Corporation’s agreement, to make statements or express opinions on behalf of Governors
  • Resist any temptation or outside pressure to use the position of governor to benefit himself or herself or other individuals or agencies
  • Declare openly and immediately any personal conflict of interest arising from a matter before the governors or from any other aspect of governorship
  • Respect the confidentiality of those items of business which the governing body decides from time to time should remain confidential
  • Take or seek opportunities to enhance his or her effectiveness as a governor through participation in training and development programmes and by increasing his or her knowledge of the college
  • Give priority, as far as practicable, to attendance at meetings of the Corporation and its committees
  • Have regard to his or her broader responsibilities as a Governor of a public institution, including the need to promote public accountability for the actions and performance of the Corporation

Agreed by the Corporation in 2003, and on an annual basis thereafter.